Bored at Work? Careers That Will Keep You Moving

August 3, 2009 at 9:42 am Leave a comment

Hate desk jobs? Tired of staring at the computer screen all day? Here are ten great career options for people who like to be on the go!

Auto Mechanics – Have you ever seen a mechanic at a desk for more than five minutes? Me neither! If you love cars, this is a great career to get down and dirty and actively use your mechanical skills.

 Child Day Care Management – How long do the kids you know sit still? Not very long, right?! Child caregivers are usually just as busy at the children they care for. If you love kids and being active, be sure to keep this career in mind.

 Conservation/Envrionmental Sciences – If being inside all day and sitting still sounds like your idea of a really bad day, then put your love of the outdoors to work for you and look into a career in preserving the Earth’s natural resources.

Contractor/Construction Management – Construction plans are more than just reading blueprints. Contractors and construction managers are always on the move making sure their building project is going smoothly.

 Cooking & Catering – Lots of people will enjoy sitting and relaxing while they enjoy culinary treats, but professional cooks and caterers spend most of their days shaking, moving and mixing.

 Fitness & Nutrition –Helping others stay fit and healthy obviously requires a generous amount of exercise and stamina. Get moving in this fun career field.

 Gardening/Landscaping – If you’ve ever helped with gardening or even just tended to a house plant, you know there is some obvious movement involved. Skilled gardeners and landscapers probably get some of the most exercise in all of these career fields.

 Nursing Assistant – Caring for others requires stamina and lot of time of your feet. Whether you’re changing a bed, taking blood pressure or assisting with daily activities, a nursing assistant rarely has a boring day.

 Physical Therapy Aide – Just like your patients, you’ll learn you need a certain a range of motion to get through your busy and active day.

 Veterinary Assistant – Keeping animals still while at the vet’s office might be exercise enough for some people.  A veterinary assistant can also help to care for many, many different types  of animals – all in one day.

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